Sun Printing Silk Or Bamboo Scarves Or Fabric

- Oct 10, 2018-

Intro: Sun Printing Silk or Bamboo Scarves or Fabric

Dharma Trading Company has the Pebeo Setacolor paint, scarves, and much more. You will need a sunny, cloudless, calm day for it to print nicely.  Mid-morning seems to work the best. Cold days do not work well either because it takes too long for the fabric to dry.

 Note that the inside of the fabric will be lighter than the outside.  Flat fabrics are the best to work with so if you want to make something like a bag, sun print the fabric first and then create the item.  T-shirts can be difficult to match the front to the back and take a lot of paint. However, if you want to try it, put a flat board inside or stick contact paper to the inside so the paint doesn’t soak through both layers of fabric.  Sun print the back first and then the front.