T-shirt Fabric Knowledge Learning

- Sep 14, 2018-

          T-shirt fabric knowledge learning           

1. what is the weight?

The weight is generally used to indicate the thickness of the fabric. The heavier the weight, the thicker the clothes. T-shirt weight is generally between 160 grams and 220 grams, too thin will be very transparent, too thick will be stuffy, generally choose between 180-280 grams weight. (Short sleeves are generally 180-220 grams, this thickness is just right for wearing, long-sleeved T-shirts generally choose 260 grams of fabric, which is thicker)

2. what is the count?

Definition: The length code of a cotton yarn with a nominal weight of one pound.

Coarse yarn: 18 or less pure cotton yarn, mainly used for weaving thick fabrics or piled cotton fabrics.

Medium yarn: 19-29 cotton yarn. Mainly used for general requirements of knitted garments.

Fine yarn: 30-60 cotton yarn. Mainly used for high-grade cotton fabrics. The higher the count, the softer the T-shirt is usually 21 and 32.

3. what is combing?

T-shirt cotton yarn can be divided into carded and combed yarn.

Carded yarn: refers to the yarn spun by the carded spinning process, also known as uncombed yarn.

Combed yarn: A yarn produced by using high-quality cotton fiber as a raw material, which is produced by adding a combing process to a carded yarn. The surface of the fabric is neat and the hand feels soft.

4. what are the techniques for T-shirt printing?

T-shirt printing is basically divided into two types: screen printing and transfer printing.

Screen printing: The technology is relatively complicated, mainly designed, out of the film, printing, printing, drying several steps. The advantages of screen printing are high color fastness, long lasting and washable. Screen printing is expensive, so mass production is required to reduce costs and cannot be printed in single or very small batches.

Transfer printing: also known as heat transfer. The advantages are bright color and simple technology. The disadvantage is that the pattern has poor durability, is not wear-resistant, and is not washable.

5. What is singeing?

The singeing treatment is characterized by removing the bristles formed on the surface of the yarn by the unwound fibers and the protruding fibers, so that the fabric is smoother and more beautiful, and the fabric has a uniform color, and a clear and fine pattern can be printed.

6. What are the advantages of cotton fabrics?

Cotton fabrics are characterized by a good feel, comfortable and environmentally friendly, but easy to wrinkle. The addition of a small amount of spandex yarn can significantly change the physical properties of the fabric, greatly increasing the elasticity of the fabric while maintaining the texture and comfort of pure cotton. In addition, the addition of spandex at the neckline prevents loose neckline deformation and maintains the long-lasting elasticity of the neckline.


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