Taiwan Textile Enterprises To Expand The Mainland Market

- Nov 11, 2017-

Recently, Taiwan Textile Industry Development Association rate of 6 Taiwanese textiles companies in Shanghai to participate in the 96th session of the Chinese knitting trade fair, brought about Taiwan's high-quality underwear, casual wear, socks, bedding and fabrics and other textiles very well received.

The Special Programme "Taiwan Promotion zone" shows these innovative Taiwanese quality textiles, according to the director of Taiwan Textile Extension, Taiwan does not produce natural fibres, the main feature of textiles is the addition of functional technology in chemical fiber, such as deodorant anti-bacterial, so that consumers wear more comfortable. In the context of open exchanges between the two sides, Taiwan's textile industry has placed great hopes on the mainland market, looking forward to demonstrating the strength of Taiwan's textiles through the exhibition, and facilitating exchanges and cooperation to create business opportunities.