The Advantages Of Cotton Knitted Fabric

- Jul 22, 2019-

The advantages of cotton knitted fabric

1. Good moisture absorption and moisture retention

The advantage of pure cotton knitted fabric is that the cotton fiber contained in it has good moisture absorption, which can absorb water to the surrounding atmosphere under general circumstances. Its moisture content is 8-10%, making people's skin feel comfortable and soft when they touch the pure cotton products.

2, good heat resistance

Pure cotton knitted fabric has a good heat resistance, even in the environment of 100°C, the pure cotton products themselves will not bring much impact, only will evaporate the water.That is, our daily use of pure cotton products, dyeing and washing at will have no impact.

3. Good alkali resistance

Another big advantage of pure cotton knitted fabric is good alkali resistance. In alkali solution, the fiber does not damage and has strong resistance.At the same time, it is also beneficial to carry out various technological processing of pure cotton knitted fabrics, producing rich and colorful clothing styles and new varieties of cotton weaving.

4. Good insulation effect

Like us in the winter when most families apply to the bed of four sets are pure cotton products, the masses of the people are very recognized, this point is enough to see the insulation effect of pure cotton knitted fabrics is good.