The Advantages Of Silk Printing

- Aug 27, 2018-

Digital printing:
It is a printing made with digital technology.
Silk digital printing works basically the same as inkjet printers,
The production process is simply a variety of digital means,
For example, various digital patterns of scanning, digital photos, images or computer processing are input into the computer, and then processed by the computer color separation printing system.
Various special dyes are applied to the printing system by dedicated RIP software(Reactive dyes, acid dyes),Direct printing onto silk fabrics (silk fabrics need to be hung in the early stage),
And after post-processing, the desired high-precision printing products are obtained on the silk fabric.

Advantage:1, the production cycle is short, the proof to the shipment can be completed in 7 days
2, the printing effect is exquisite, especially suitable for the high-end market 3, visual color rich and realistic
4. Small batch, fast response production