The Characteristics Of Digital Printed Silk Fabrics And The Benefits To Body

- Jul 10, 2019-

The characteristics of digital printed silk fabrics and the benefits to body

First, the moisture absorption and permeability of silk

Silk is a solidified protein produced by silkworms. It is a natural protein molecular compound that not only has good hygroscopicity, but also has good moisture permeability. In a humid environment, the dried silk absorbs moisture, absorbs sweat, removes heat, keeps the skin clean and avoids bacterial growth. In a dry environment, the silk that absorbs the sweat can damp and perspire, very Breathable, so silk clothing gives a dry, smooth, comfortable and cool feeling, but also helps prevent skin diseases such as eczema and itchy skin.

Second, the skin care effect of silk

The composition of silk is more complex. It is a kind of protein fiber. It contains 18 kinds of amino acids beneficial to the human body. The clothes made of silk touch the skin, which can improve the vitality of the cells. It can also prevent the hardening and anti-aging functions of the blood vessels and help the skin maintain the surface fat. The metabolism of the membrane can keep the skin moist and smooth. Many Amy ladies like to wear silk pajamas. Sleeping also likes to use silk pillowcases, which is very helpful for the health and beauty of the human body.

Third, the auxiliary treatment of silk

Silk also has a good auxiliary effect on skin wounds and eczema and hemorrhoids. Wrap the wound with silk fabric, which can absorb water and promote evaporation, keep the wound clean and accelerate wound healing.

Fourth, the anti-ultraviolet effect of silk

Silk is yellowing when exposed to the sun because silk absorbs ultraviolet light from the sun. Ultraviolet rays are very harmful to human skin. Silk clothing can prevent ultraviolet rays and prevent ultraviolet rays from directly causing harm to human skin.

Five, the flame retardancy of silk

In addition to its anti-ultraviolet effect, silk garments are also flame-retardant. They do not easily burn the skin in case of fire. Its porous fiber voids can also prevent harmful gases from invading the human body.