The Cleaning Process Of The Wool Scarf

- Feb 25, 2019-

How to clean a wool scarf

Cleaning process

1. Put the cashmere scarf into the warm water basin. You can't have a cashmere scarf.

2. Pour a little (normal amount of our shampoo) our daily shampoo.

3. Pry the shampoo and gently press on the cashmere scarf for a few times.

4. Wash off the shampoo on the cashmere scarf with water. Wrap it in a towel and put it in the washing machine.

5. Take out the paving, it is best to lay it on the bed, because the cashmere scarf is almost dry at this time.

6. The woven scarf has a long suede. We call it Changshun, and the direction of the tip of the velvet is toward the tassel side of the scarf. After washing, brush with a brush on the suede in the direction of the velvet pointed finger, it will be beautiful. Some, the texture is also good, and vice versa is as ugly as the long weeds on the scarf. After the brush is smooth, it can also be ironed with an iron, but in the direction of the tip of the hair.

Remember three things:

First, do not wring out

Second, remember not to hang

Third, jacquard or multi-color cashmere scarves should not be soaked, cashmere scarves of different colors should not be washed together to avoid dyeing.

wool like scarf

wool like scarf

1. Soak in a neutral detergent bath with foam at 35 ° C for 15 minutes to 20 minutes. Do not use enzymes or bleaching chemicals, lotions and shampoos to prevent erosion.

2. Gently pat the sputum by hand, so as not to cause pilling or felting.

3. Multi-colored cashmere scarves should not be soaked, and cashmere scarves of different colors should not be washed together to avoid cross-color.

4. Wash with warm water at 35 °C - 40 °C two or three times. In the final water, you can put some vinegar or softener, and the hand feel will be better. Put the washed cashmere scarf on the slanting plate and squeeze it by hand or put it into the bag and dehydrate it in the washing machine dewatering cylinder. Then tiling dry, do not hang to avoid deformation.

5. According to the pre-cut paperboard, flatten the scarf and arrange the shape. Put a wet towel on it and iron it with a medium temperature (about 140 °C) iron. The iron should not be in direct contact with the cashmere scarf.