The Difference Between Cotton And Linen

- Jun 15, 2019-

1. The roughness of pure linen is stronger than that of cotton and linen. 
The appearance of roving and the deviation of the color of some lines are normal. 
Because the process of linen production is relatively different from cotton and linen,
pure linen will definitely be Pure in some impurities.
But the wearing feel is better than cotton and linen.

2.the real cotton and linen is even thin, but the actual thickness will not be too thin, the thickness of the chemical fiber will be relatively thin.
Cotton and linen, no matter what color, but the surface will not reflect, because the pants with linen are washed after washing,
so it will not be too reflective. 
The basic surface of the chemical fiber is very reflective, because the chemical fiber cannot be washed by water.

3.The comfort of linen and cotton is not easy to compare, because their respective traits and taste orientation are quite different. The pursuit of flax in the sense of touch is "rich", and the pursuit of appearance is "the windy bone" Cotton pursues a smooth, soft and slippery "no feeling", and the pursuit of "fine" in appearance. However, cotton and linen are mainly used to give cotton the characteristics of hemp in the case that the cost of cotton is not much increased. Simply put, the cotton looks more like hemp.