The Difference Between Cotton Linen And Cotton

- Apr 08, 2019-

Which is better for cotton linen and cotton ? cotton linen and cotton . Cotton is more comfortable than cotton. Cotton and linen clothes are thin and cool. The hard spots of the material are rough and rough.

Pure cotton is comfortable and does not contain harmful substances to the skin. It is also breathable in summer when it is thin cotton. It is breathable, soft and soft to the skin. Cotton cloth is easy to stick and smudge, pay more attention when cleaning and storing.

Cotton and linen are more breathable than pure cotton. When you are hot in summer, you will feel cooler when you wear cotton and linen. However, although the cotton and linen are cool, cleaning is also a very troublesome thing. There is no cotton to clean.

Advantages and disadvantages of cotton and cotton linen ,Cotton and linen are cotton and linen blends. That is, there are advantages of hemp, and there are advantages of hemp. Cotton: Excellent: good comfort, soft hand feeling and strong sweat absorption. Lack: poor durability, poor elasticity, fading and shrinking, easy to wrinkle. to sum up The choice of pure cotton and cotton and linen is not so difficult. If it is, I will choose to buy clothes of two kinds of fabrics. If you change clothes, you can try different styles. When the weather is hot, wear cotton and linen, go out for exercise or be more casual. When wearing cotton, especially close-fitting vests and other clothes, of course, pure cotton will be better!