The Difference Between Interwoven Fabrics And Blended Fabrics

- Oct 06, 2018-

The Difference Between Interwoven Fabrics and Blended Fabrics

An interwoven fabric refers to a fabric in which warp and weft yarns of two different fibers are interwoven. For example: warp 40S cotton and weft 100D polyester low elastic yarn interlaced.


The blended fabric is a textile product made of chemical fiber and other cotton wool, silk, hemp and other natural fibers in a certain proportion, mixed spinning, polyester cotton cloth, nylon blended fabric, vinylon blended fabric, polyester wool Huada and so on. Blended fabrics can be used to make a variety of garments.

The difference between interwoven fabrics and blended fabrics: the difference lies in the yarn.

1 Interlacing: Two or more yarns, woven together.

For example: a cotton yarn and a polyester yarn are woven together. Only one material can be dyed during dyeing.

2 blended yarn: two or more kinds of raw materials, first blended into yarn, and then woven.

For example, cotton and black polyester are first blended, and the blended yarn is woven, and the woven fabric has a ash effect.