The Difference Between Rayon And Cotton

- Nov 20, 2018-

The difference between  rayon and cotton

Rayon is artificial cotton, and artificial cotton is a general term for viscose fiber. So understanding human cotton is to understand what viscose fiber is. The basic composition of viscose fiber is cellulose. Its raw material is natural fiber. It is made by alkalizing, aging and yellowing. Therefore, viscose fiber is a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber, which belongs to man-made fiber. Viscose fiber is one of the earliest chemical fibers put into industrial production. The application of viscose fiber is mainly used for all kinds of clothing and decorative textiles. Since human cotton is artificial cotton, it has the same soft and comfortable characteristics as cotton, and has other similar characteristics, but human cotton and pure cotton will certainly be different. Now let's understand the difference between human cotton and pure cotton.

The difference between rayon and pure cotton: the difference in appearance.

The appearance of rayon and cotton is very similar, but artificial techniques tend to make the appearance of the same item more refined and beautiful. Therefore, rayon will be more glossy than pure cotton, the appearance of rayon is more vivid and bright, and the surface of artificial cotton is smooth and free of impurities. Pure cotton belongs to real cotton, and its surface must have certain impurities. Therefore, the smoothness of pure cotton is not as good as that of artificial cotton. This is the difference in appearance between pure cotton and rayon.

The difference between rayon and pure cotton is two: strong difference.

Strength is a good advantage of real cotton, so pure cotton is better than artificial cotton in this respect. The strength of artificial cotton is relatively low, especially in humid environments, the firmness of rayon is very poor. When drawing and stretching from the edge of the fabric, the rayon is easily broken, and the cotton is not easy. fracture. Therefore, the texture of rayon is generally made thicker, not as thin as real cotton.

The difference between rayon and pure cotton is three: the difference in burning phenomenon.

When the artificial cotton is close to the flame, it will burn fiercely, and the reaction is quite intense. It will curl and melt like we burn plastic. While the cotton is close to the flame, it does not shrink or melt, and the flame is orange and blue. Therefore, combustion is also the simplest and obvious way to distinguish other people from rayon and cotton. In addition, there is a small difference in the color, verticality, and feel of rayon and cotton.