The Difference Between Rayon And Silk

- Aug 23, 2018-

Hand Feeling

The silk is soft and delicate, and it feels elastic with the touch of the hand. Due to the pore structure on the natural fiber, there are sometimes some feelings of sticky hands. The artificial silk raw materials such as chemical fiber are hard to feel or slippery.

Ear listening

Open the silk to the inner liner, take a little fiber, rub it by hand and listen carefully. The dried silk will emit a "sand" sound when rubbed, and "Si Ming" is also called "Scroop" is the unique characteristic of real silk, but neither chemical fiber nor cotton.In addition, in the process of rubbing with two fingers, the silk will generally "gather" into a line, and the chemical fiber will slide out of the finger.

Observing gloss

The luster of silk products is elegant and bright, but it is not glare, and there are many reflective refracting surfaces, which are irregular and similar to pearl luster. And some chemical fiber, although bright, but pale, dazzling.


Soaking in boiling water

Put a little fiber into the boiling water, the shape of the silk does not change significantly in a short time, and the chemical fiber is quickly bent and sunk. After drying, the length is almost unchanged, which is silk. The phenomenon of shrinking water is chemical fiber.

Dip test

A small amount of fiber is taken, wetted with drip in the left position, and then pulled. Rayon is generally broken at a place where it is only wetted, and the silk may be broken at any place, and it is difficult to break whether it is dry or wet, and it is a chemical fiber.

Alignment crease

Take some fiber, repeatedly knead and fold, the silk is elastic and has no creases. The rayon has obvious creases and is difficult to recover. If there is a slight crease, but slowly recover, it is a chemical fiber such as nylon.


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