The Difference Between Silk Fabric And Silk

- Jun 15, 2019-

Silk is a continuous long fiber formed by the secretion of silk secretion when the silkworm is clogged, also called "natural silk". Like wool, it is one of the earliest animal fibers used by humans. According to different foods, it is divided into silkworm, tussah, cassava, tussah, willow and silkworm. The silk thread drawn from a single silkworm cocoon is called silk, which is made of two single fibers bonded by silk glue. The silkworms of several silkworm cocoons are extracted, and the silk yarns are wrapped by silk glue. There are silk silk (also called raw silk) and silkworm silk, which are collectively referred to as silk. Mulberry silk is a natural animal protein fiber and is the main raw material for silk weaving. Smooth, soft and lustrous, it has the feeling of warm winter and cool in summer. It has a unique "silk" phenomenon when rubbing, has good extensibility, good heat resistance, is not resistant to salt water etch, and should not be bleached with chlorine. Agent or detergent treatment. Silk, which is made of mulberry silk as a raw material, is made of a plurality of twisted silks, and is called silk.