The Difference Between Twill And Plain Satin

- Nov 22, 2019-

What is the difference between twill and satin, which is good for satin and twill? It's just a satin pattern, it's brighter and smoother, and the other is twill. The style is different, not bad or bad. Twill is a satin with twill weave. The fabric has obvious oblique lines, feel, luster and good elasticity. At present, most of the printed products on the market use this fabric, many buyers like twill fabric, because the hand feels soft, but the shrinkage rate of the relatively plain fabric is large.

The plain fabric in the silk fabric is very noble, the smooth satin is very noble, the hand feels smooth, 
the elasticity is strong, and the structure is dense; the fabric has a strong shrinkage due to the strong weft,and the gloss is different after the water is launched. decline. It has a natural luster in the sense of touch,
and it feels smooth and delicate on the touch, and it does not have a rough feeling.
The characteristics of plain satin: visually have a natural luster, smooth and delicate on the touch, good drape, no rough feeling.
Among the various varieties of silk, the performance is excellent, both the advantages of the double satin fabric and the smoothness and softness of the satin fabric.