The Difference Between Washing And Sand Washing

- Sep 20, 2019-

1.Washing water is a common craft of international fashion and leisure brands. In general, washed clothes are more natural, comfortable and more layered. The stability of the fabric is better, and some are for special design effects. Most people have Can understand the design concept of accepting jeans, but the understanding of clothes is poor, the clothes use the general washing method, more than the jeans are more subtle, but whether the washing water, the fabric feels very different.                The most common washing process is general washing. General washing is ordinary washing, but the washing that we are familiar with is changed to mechanization. The water temperature is about 60°-90°C, plus a certain amount of detergent. After 15 minutes of ordinary washing, the water is added. A softener can make the fabric softer, more comfortable, and more visually natural and clean. Generally, according to the length of the washing time and the amount of chemicals, the general washing can be divided into light washing, general washing and heavy washing. Usually, the light wash is about 5 minutes, the general wash is about 15 minutes, and the general wash is about 30 minutes.                                                                           2.Strictly speaking, sand washing should be one of the washing processes. It refers to the washing of the fabric with alkaline water, and the erosion of the silk fabric by alkali causes the silk fiber to be more seriously eroded, and the surface of the fiber becomes uneven and rough. The sand-washed silk fabric looks like a layer of white wool or ash from the surface. Really because of the severe erosion of the alkali, the original hard fiber structure becomes soft, so that the whole fabric becomes more soft as a whole. 

 Because different customers and sellers have different standards for the degree of sand washing, if the customer requests to buy sand washing products, they will usually be asked to send samples first, and the seller will confirm the severity of sand washing through samples. We must not say light sand or medium sand, we will do what we think of light sand or medium sand, otherwise it is easy to have a gap. In addition, sand-washed silk fabrics are generally more popular with foreign customers, because they like this old-fashioned feeling, but the domestic market will be smaller.