The Future Of Digital Printing Industry

- Jan 29, 2019-

The future of digital printing industry

Digital printing industry future market is large, by the industry inside and outside optimistic.China is a big country in textile industry, and the demand for textile printing products is high, which is also one of the bases for the rapid development of digital printing industry.However, with the personalized and diversified characteristics of market demand, the textile printing business has changed from mass production to small batch, multiple types and personalized.Digital printing products, while ensuring the printing quality, can also meet the customer small batch, personalized customization needs.

In the change of industrial environment, the fittest survive.At present, there is no shortage of digital printing processing enterprises in China.An excellent digital printing enterprise should have the following basic qualities: customer should make clear the service target of the enterprise and grasp the brand positioning of the enterprise;Priority to train technical staff or reserve technical staff;Have own own pattern design team or join the strength of the pattern design color separation platform and enterprise;During the actual production, we should control the technological process and strictly control the quality.Make some small precise positioning, such as personalized customization (T-shirt, pillow, etc.);Pricing, according to their target group pricing, do not compete with peers at low prices.With the above qualities, the small digital company that first layout has the idea and starts early can break out a bright road in the encirclement of the competition of peer low price, find its own customer source, and pave a good road for future expansion and growth.

Digital printing companies need to be innovative.Digital printing enterprises want to be in the "big wave" of the market, the continuous innovation is the magic weapon, digital printing enterprises most of the creativity is on the current pattern.The color separation of pattern design is the most basic condition for the survival of digital printing processing enterprises. Without the innovation of patterns, digital printing will lose the significance of small batch and personalized customization.

The continuous improvement of digital printing technology has brought a new concept to the traditional printing and dyeing industry. The features of small batch, individualization and customization have met the current market demand, together with its advanced production principles and methods, have brought new development opportunities to China's printing and dyeing industry.In addition, with the gradual promotion of digital printing, increasing speed and decreasing cost of consumables, the popularity of digital printing products will be higher and higher, and digital printing will become an inevitable trend of the development of the printing and dyeing industry in the future.