The Influence Of Clothing Fabric On Human Health

- May 10, 2018-

Woolen fabrics, chemical fibers and other fabrics are easy to wear, soft, crisp and colorful, and have always been popular with people. However, they have a certain irritation to the skin. In Japan, 2000 people who wore chemical fibre fabrics were investigated and found that 600 of them had abnormal skin sensation in one year. Because the raw materials of chemical fiber are extracted from high molecular compounds, such as coal, oil, natural gas and other polymer compounds or nitrogen compounds, some of them are likely to be an allergy source. Once entering the body, it is easy to cause allergic dermatitis and cause pruritus, pain, redness or blister. In addition, this type of fabric has poor ventilation and hygroscopicity, which affects sweat evaporation and skin respiration. Weak electricity on fabric, easy to absorb dust in the air, causing bronchial asthma. Some of them are rubbing with each other or producing electrostatic friction with the skin. The clothes with positive charge are not only harmful to the skin, but also can increase the blood pressure. The static electricity can also induce the fire on the special occasion. Of course, it is unrealistic to wear clothes without chemical fiber in our life. As long as our underwear does not use chemical fiber material, most of the skin damage caused by chemical fiber clothing can be avoided.

Silk is known as the "Queen" in textiles, and people accept it not only for its beauty and lightness, but also for its unique health function. It can be seen under the microscope that silk is made up of many elongated fiber molecules arranged in parallel along the long axis; there is a gap between each molecule, and the water molecules are very easy to enter from the gap.  Therefore, the silk has a good moisture permeability, even in the summer sweating, silk underwear can also play the role of moisture absorption and ventilation, conducive to regulating the temperature and humidity of the human body. Silk clothing and skin contact, will not bring trouble, on the contrary, through human activities, can produce massage on the skin, enhance the vitality of epidermal cells, prevent skin aging. Silk can also play an auxiliary role in certain skin diseases. Chinese medical experts have used silk underwear to treat senile pruritus and female genital pruritus, and have achieved significant antipruritic effects.

Along with the growth of age, the physiological function of human body is also changing. The choice of clothing fabric should also be different. Infants with delicate skin and strong sweating function should choose soft, permeable and absorbent fabrics. Young people pay attention to the beauty of body shape, love to wear tight clothes, in order to show the spirit of handsome, but should pay attention to the shirt and trousers not too tight and thin, the material texture is also soft and good, so it is good for health.  People to middle age, skin, muscle relaxation, subcutaneous fat thickening, in order not to give people a bloated impression, clothing style may be a little tighter, but should not be too thin, in order to prevent blood vessel pressure influence blood circulation. The choice of clothing styles and colors of middle-aged people is the best way to give people a sense of youthful vigor.  To the old age, various functions are obviously decreased and the body heat is reduced. Therefore, the clothing of the elderly should choose light, soft and warm clothes. The style should be broad and easy to wear and comfortable.

Clothing has brought a more rich color to society. If we can keep long and avoid short, and combine the beauty of clothing with the beauty of health, it will bring us more beauty. 1, the quality of clothing is very important for people to wear clothes not only for beauty, but also for health. It is unwise to pursue fashionable and beautiful costumes without paying attention to health.

Helping the body maintain constant temperature is one of the functions of clothing. When the temperature is low, the clothing should make the body's heat not too much lost, when the temperature is high, it does not interfere with the body's heat dissipation, and can prevent the adverse effects of light and heat from the sun on the human body. In order to meet the above requirements, the fabric made of clothing should have the characteristics of heat preservation, air permeability and hygroscopicity. I wonder if you have noticed this when you buy clothes.

Fabrics with good thermal insulation are best made of woollen fabrics, followed by cotton fabrics and silk products. Because porous fabrics can store more air, thick and loose fabrics have good thermal insulation. At the same time, the color of the fabric is also related to the heat preservation. The dark fabric has small reflective power, high heat absorption, light colored fabric with large reflective power and small heat absorption. So, it should be made of loose, thick, dark colored wool and cotton fabric in winter. In the summer, it is suitable to use thin, thin, light colored linen and silk to make clothes.

Fabrics with good breathability can emit sweat and waste gas from the skin to keep the skin dry and regulate body temperature. Therefore, we should choose clothes with good air permeability for children to make clothes. The air permeability of the cloth, linoleum and plastic cloth is poor. It is not suitable for children's clothing and children's diapers to prevent the metabolism of the skin and obstruct the health.

The good or bad hygroscopicity is determined by the fiber properties of fabrics. Generally, wool and cotton fibers have good hygroscopicity and can be evaporated quickly to keep fabrics dry and clean.

The weaving of fabrics is also related to hygroscopicity. Knitted fabrics are more absorbent than plain fabrics. Therefore, children should wear woolen knitted clothes because they are soft and moisturizing, and have good breathability and moisture absorption. However, it should be noted that coarse wool products can not be used to avoid irritating the skin, and the moisture absorption of artificial fibers is poor, and it is not suitable for underwear. Children's underwear is good for cotton fabric.

Therefore, it is recommended that you buy clothes

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