The Popular Color Of 2019 Is Coming

- Dec 14, 2018-

The popular color of 2019 is coming

More than 20 days from 2019, Pantone has finally announced the annual color of 2019 - Living Coral Live Coral Orange!

For 20 years, Pantone has chosen a color to represent the spirit of the times throughout the year. And this color will be used in various fields in the following year, whether it is fashion, clothing or design.

Unlike the 18-year-old, this face is purple, picking the color of the skin to pick the "UV color."

This year's popular color is Pantone Coral Orange, which comes from the bright colors of red coral on the sea floor. It is softer than orange, revealing a creamy shade that is both sweet and dreamy, and full of happiness.

It is soothing and soft, yet there is no lack of agility. With a full girly atmosphere, not sticky, not eye-catching, can create a warm, dreamy feeling.

Contrary to what everyone minds, the background color of live coral orange is orange instead of pink, so its warmth is complementary to most skin tones, and white or black leather can have its own charm.

After all, it is obvious in the make-up that the coral-colored lipstick is very white!

Before New York Fashion Week in September this year, Pantone had predicted "12 colors that designers are most likely to use in the Spring/Summer 2019 series."

After watching the show, you will find that

Live Coral Orangeis the hottest color in the 19-year fashion circle.

Ulla Johnson next spring series

Live coral orange, like the summer's gorgeous flowers, adds a lot of surprises to the plain mix.

The live coral orange is very energetic as a suit, and Materiel Tbilisi and Adeam use different shades of coral orange in the spring and summer.

Gucci's early spring and Temperley London spring and summer collections match the different shades of coral orange.

Roksanda's two sets are even more amazing.

This lively, positive, affirmative, coral-colored hue with a golden background brings vitality and vitality with a softer feel.

The shades of live coral oranges are more and more orderly, which makes our choices more possibilities:

Live coral oranges that are a bit lighter than this one, to a certain extent, seem to be very few women, wearing a youthful spring and summer.

The shallower live coral orange black and yellow skin can also be held by wearing, and the brightness is low, so it will not pick the skin very much.

The deeper coral orange is more bright and the gas field is stronger, and the whitening effect is really huge.

White invincible white does not have one! For the black skin, it is also good to have a white dotted embellishment.

Therefore, this lively and charming color, the index of driving is not difficult, it is really super! Time! mane!

Live coral orange top

As the representative color of the year of 19 years, how can I not come to a jacket? The color closest to the face is the most prominent.

Probably the simplest match is a set of direct color matching, no need to consider the color of the troubles of spring horrible coral orange, really fresh.

The practice of deep-lived coral oranges is still applicable, one of the brightest and most eye-catching colors in the crowd.

There is also a simpler match that can be solved with a pair of jeans, which is both casual and fashionable.

The coral orange sweater can be jumped directly with a fairy skirt.

The simplest combination of black skirts, complementary and bright, combined with light and dark.

When we choose a dull color match, a single piece of live coral orange will have the finishing touch.

Live coral orange bottom

Bottom selection of live coral orange is suitable for babies who like this color but are worried that the coral orange is close to the face.

With a white top, the whole "light" can be achieved, and the whitening effect of the reflector is straight into the single.

The live coral-colored dresses are especially feminine, but there is no lack of energy in the orange color.

Wide-leg pants come to live coral oranges, as if the whole match is "live", which is probably the charm of the color itself.

This vibrant character is important in a complete set of dark colors.

Live coral orange coat

After experiencing the gentle and low-light colors of black and white ash and Morandi, we have some vitality and highlights.

The coat of live coral orange is the first to be promoted~ Especially when it is popular to wear long, this style of pulling the wind will blow it!

The live coral orange coat in the leather is the most avant-garde, and it is easy to create a fashionable look. 3

The short leather jacket is also handsome.

The material of the woolen hair can best highlight the taste of the texture. The baby also found out that this color is the gas field and vitality.

The suit added to the live coral orange itself will not be serious and rigid, and then put on a hoodie, very foreign.

You can even choose the splicing elements that are popular this year, and inject the vitality into the windbreaker jacket.

This year's popular plush jacket, choose a light coral orange, weaken the sense of weight and extravagance, filling the girl's romance ~

Live Coral Orange Accessories

If you feel that you can't control it in a large area, you can start with small details: shoes, bags, earrings, scarves are all highlights that we can flash to others inadvertently.

The bag of live coral orange is going to be a crazy call for it, and it can't be separated from the bag. The details show our taste.

The delicate silk scarves are more versatile and can be attached directly to the bag while attached to the neck.

The coral orange earrings are lively and white, but they are also exquisite and fashionable.

A pair of big boots is even more handsome, and Zhang Yang is not exaggerated.

In short, whether it is a large-scale combination or a small area of embellishment, Coral Orange has the magic to make people happy when they see it.

Pantone said that it is easy, happy and full of energy. It is not unreasonable. After all, the new ear is coming, we should break through ourselves and be a happy little fairy!