The Role Of Stereotypes In Printed Scarves

- Oct 29, 2018-

                    the role of stereotypes in printed scarves                       

In the finishing, the shaping is a very important process in the scarf printing fabric, which is an important part of ensuring the width of the scarf and the size of the hand, and is the importance of ensuring the quality of the scarf.

Stereotype is a very important procedure in the production of printing and dyeing. Its function is similar to the effect achieved by ironing clothes in daily production. It refers to the use of shaping equipment to heat and dry the dyed fabric and stretch and expand the fabric to make the fabric The appearance is flat and straight, and the specifications are stable.

There are multiple styling methods and processes depending on the form of the desired shaped fabric. The most common shaping method is tenter shaping, which is suitable for both woven and knitted fabrics. However, due to the instability of the structure of the knitted fabric, the size and size of the knitted fabric are greatly changed. Therefore, there are cylindrical expansion and shaping, cylindrical blanket shaping, pre-shrinking and other shaping equipment and processes for the knitted fabric, thereby achieving The fabric has a uniform width and a stable size.

The quality of the shape will directly affect the quality of the final product, especially the appearance quality, shrinkage rate, fabric texture and other appearance quality of the finished product. The final process of the fabric printing and dyeing process will be the final quality of the fabric. It plays a decisive role, so it is necessary to strictly control the shaping process to ensure the quality of the product. The formulation of the shaping process should fully consider the specifications before the shaping of the fabric printing and the specifications of the final finished product, and specify a reasonable and accurate process. The order personnel should assist the technicians in collecting relevant information, especially different cylinders, different batches. The specifications of the products after the secondary printing and processing, and detailed records for easy reference. In particular, the printing and dyeing processing of knitted fabrics often has different cylinder times and different batches of specifications. Therefore, different shaping processes should be specified for these differences in the shaping to achieve the consistency of the final product specifications.

Stereotype is an important part of product finishing. With the guarantee of quality, the brand of scarves can be guaranteed, and the scarves can be better sold to customers, so that customers like them, consumers prefer, and the autumn scarves produced by Shaoxing more scarves are sold. To all parts of the world, buyers, wholesalers to achieve win-win, common development, the good second half of the autumn scarf to do well, to send the most beautiful and best quality to the consumer, arrived in the heart, warm to the heart!