The Types Of Pillow

- Oct 26, 2018-

The Types Of Pillow

   Pillows are common household items, but they often have unexpected effects in home decoration. At the same time, the variety of pillows provides more choices for home softwear.

Sofa pillow

The pillows that are used while sitting or lying on the sofa are also used to decorate their own sofas. When watching TV, chatting, or resting on the sofa, a gentle and warm pillow can give you a special warm feeling, and let your guests have a sense of intimacy in their own home.

Car pillow

The spacious and pleasant car with your favorite beloved pillow not only allows you to enjoy the feeling of home on a long road, but also gives your car a very ingenious feeling. Like other small ornaments, the pillow has become an indispensable element to decorate my car. The pillow used in the car is usually small, so the activation space is wonderful.

Health pillow

In the ordinary pillow, participate in a variety of materials such as traditional Chinese medicine, and reach a certain health care role.

The pillowcases used for the health pillows are generally smooth and have strong ventilation and ventilation properties, and are also used for medical treatment and prevention.

Bed pillow

Some small and lovely beds with cute and delicate pillows will be more lively and feel more warm and warm when you sleep.