The Use Of Silk Scarves

- Sep 17, 2018-

The use of silk scarves

1. Add color to a simple dress

This is the basic function of the silk scarf, through simple folding and draped on the shoulder, or triangulation after a circle, so as to improve the overall color of the match.After all, buying a floral top or pants is difficult to make and implement, and a silk scarf often solves those problems.

Aside from trying to simply tie it to your chest, or to let the scarf loom inside your jacket, it's a good idea to fold and wrap it around the outside.Will make your plain monochrome outfit instantly soulful.

Here's the easiest way to do it, which is pretty elegant.

Choose silk scarves in the following colors: complementary (cool wear with warm color scarves), hue (with the same color scheme scarves), and brightness (dark overall with light color scarves)

3. A small scarf can also improve your temperament, but you should pay attention to its quality and color, so as not to become a flight attendant.

Here's a hint of a silk scarf looming over the coat, or a wrap around the outside, usually to add richness to the mix.Color choice is as follows: cool color matchs cool color to spend, warm color matchs warm color to spend, or with a certain sheet on the body color echo.

4. Covering effect of silk scarves

If you wear clothes that are more revealing or strapless, the scarf can be your "safety belt" or "shawl," adding richness to the outfit and covering your shoulders and arms.For example, the annual party dress, in addition to the overcoat, also remember to bring a silk scarf, will make you more comfortable.

Wear a belt or become your belt

If wear a suit of plain collocation, can try next street to clap the new jin collocation law that reaches people to demonstrate: regard silk scarf as waistcoat to be fastened in belt, or simply use silk scarf as the waist to bring the shirt that fastens you, elegance degree up!

Become a vintage headscarf

In autumn, winter or windy spring, many friends will choose to go hiking or climbing. If you want to keep your hair in order and have a nice photo shoot, try the retro hijab.

They exist as wrist ornaments

Sometimes I receive other people's gifts, which are some small silk scarves. In fact, they can be used as a wrist ornament or wrapped around my bracelet, which can improve the overall color.

Must have small craft, the hair band method of the silk scarf

From the star you, inside quan zhixian let the silk scarf as hair band hot up again, the knot is tied in front or behind can be, the hair or tied up can come, as you wish, between the presentation of different amorous feelings.

Exotic hair bags

This Oriental is less tried, but last time in sanlitun saw the high fashion of girls to tie up is also very feeling, for the young girls to do a retro-styling!

Attention: color department as far as possible can echo with certain sheet article, after all the area that pack hair is bigger, if special tone does not echo with the body, can appear very old woman.

Wear a silk scarf to enhance your elegance

This is the domestic female student's more commonly used move, usually is fastens a bowknot or is twined in the handle.In fact, I think it is ok to not limit the style of bags, do not limit the method, more casual some better.