Type Of Silk

- Oct 23, 2018-

Type of silk

Chiffon Silk
A light, matt fabric made from fine twisted yarns, spaced out to make the fabric transparent. It is extremely soft and elastic, highly breathable and comfortable.
Dimension is added to garments by the creation of billows of fabric. Unless it is used for scarves, garments with chiffon normally require lining or backing.

Crêpe de Chine
A lightweight fabric made by mulberry silk fibres, where part of them are twisted clockwise and others in a counter-clockwise direction. These fibres are then woven in a plain-weave fabric. The twisted fibres give crêpe its distinctive ‘pebbly’ look and feel.

Comes in many different varieties – crêpe de Chine, Moroccan crêpe and crêpe georgette. It is comfortable and breathable and wrinkles easily at the rate of 8%.

Habotai Silk

It is also known as China silk, Habutai, Pongee. The “classic” silk fabric, was first used to line kimonos, with plain-weave fabric.Its weight can range from 5 mm to the heavier 12 mm. Most scarves are made of 8mm Habotai. Soft and lightweight, Habotai silk is a kind of smooth fabric and has a beautiful drape and smooth surface.2016-10-20 143026