Under The Pressure Of Environmental Protection, Will Digital Printing Be The Only Measure?

- Aug 01, 2018-

Under the pressure of environmental protection, will digital printing be the only measure?

Faced with the introduction of national environmental protection policies, local governments have responded one after another, and some seriously polluted printing and dyeing enterprises in Guangdong, zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces have stopped production.Companies were then told that from 2018 pollution would no longer be a mere violation of the rules, but an offence.

Under the increasing pressure of environmental protection, more and more people pay attention to digital printing.As a new type of printing and dyeing, the amount of pollutant discharged is only 1/25 of that of traditional printing.Compared with traditional printing and dyeing, digital printing uses less dyes, slurry, water and energy, which is one of the important directions for the healthy and green development of China's textile industry.

In the international market, the total output of textile printing in the world is about 27 billion meters, and that of digital printing is about 500 million meters, accounting for 1.8% of the total output of printing. The number of various types of digital printing machines is about 5,000, mainly in Europe.Europe is the biggest demand and production place for digital printing products. Digital printing has penetrated into design, clothing, home textile, automobile decoration, advertising, personalized customization, online stores and other textile fields.According to some data, the annual output of the global printing industry in 2012 was about 30 billion meters, with an annual output value of about 165 billion us dollars, with an annual growth rate of 1-2%. According to the latest research report of SmithersPira digital printing 2017 outlook, the fastest growing digital printing industry in Europe, the digital printing production in 2013 accounted for 40% of the annual total printing production.

Domestic market, our country has the world's largest printing industry, the statistics, in 2009 China's enterprises above designated size printing output of 10 billion meters, the world's l / 1-7 and 3201 in June, the output of dyeing cloth printing and dyeing enterprises above designated size is 27.172 billion m, is up 6.14% over the same period in 2016, from 3% to 3% return on sales, 1 - June 2017, printing and dyeing enterprises above designated size, to achieve the main business income is 198.669 billion yuan, grew by 7.54% from a year earlier.In the first half of the year, the number of printing and dyeing enterprises above the statistical scale reached 302, but the number of loss-making enterprises reached 1704, with the loss rate reaching 17.64%.From the above data, it is not hard to see that the whole printing and dyeing industry has grown within a reasonable range and the operation is relatively stable.

However, China's digital printing output is only about 0.04 billion meters, and the number of various types of digital printing machines is close to 400. Compared with the growth rate and penetration rate of ceramic printing digital printing, textile digital printing is far from enough.

The reason is related to the maturity of equipment, nozzle and consumable cost.For example,the core technology of sprinkler head is still in the hands of Japanese enterprises. The cost of imported ink is relatively high and the burden on the user enterprise is relatively large

Faced with the ever-changing production environment, investment enterprises and those in transition should not be hot at first. They should accurately analyze the current situation and combine their strengths with their strengths to "make the right medicine".And no matter how the transformation, environmental pollution is one of the major problems that enterprises need to solve.

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