What Are The Common Silk Fabrics?

- Feb 22, 2019-

The development of silk fabrics has been divided into many types.

1. Silk satin: It is a regular fabric inside the fabric. It has a very smooth feel and a small shrinkage. The cheongsam or dress on the market is basically made of plain satin. The feeling of satin gives people a noble and elegant feeling. The fabric with the highest gloss inside the silk fabric.

2. Silk Stretch satin: It belongs to the new fabric. The composition is 94% silk and 6% spandex. The gloss is darker than the plain satin, but the elasticity is comfortable and the shrinkage rate is relatively small.


3.. Silk crepe: This fabric is enamel on both sides, with the characteristics of silk, soft, light pearl luster, good breathability, but the shrinkage rate is 10%, so it is best to pre-shrink before buying.


4. Silk ggt: The fabric is very light and thin, soft, light and drape, giving a feeling of flowing, but the shrinkage rate can sometimes reach 15%, so you should reserve the number of meters before the purchase.

5. Silk Habotai: the fabric has good light-shielding properties, good air permeability, smoothness, the most used fabrics for eye masks, hand-painted wallpapers and wiping instruments on the market, and the shrinkage rate is only about 5%.

6. Organza: Made of raw silk, the texture is firm and firm, it is a transparent or translucent gauze, special fabric for wedding dresses.