What Are The Disadvantages Of Modal Fabrics

- Feb 19, 2019-

What are the disadvantages of Modal fabrics

No matter how good the fabric has certain defects.

Disadvantages of Modal fabrics as below:

  1. Textile costs are more expensive.

  2. The phenomenon of fluffing affects the appearance of the fabric.

  3. Poor fabric fit

  4. A few allergies are not very suitable for use. Because the Morda fabric does not have any harmful substances, but because it is chemical fiber processing, some allergies are not suitable.

    Modal can also be woven in the weaving process of woven fabrics, or it can be woven with other yarns to woven into a wide variety of fabrics. Modal products have broad prospects for development in modern clothing.

     In order to improve the shortcomings of pure modal products, Modal can be blended with other         fibers and achieve good results.