What Do You Need To Prepare For Your Own Stamp Scarf?

- Feb 23, 2018-

What do you need to prepare for your own stamp scarf?

What format is the design required for the design of 1.? Is it a vector? How much is the accuracy of the vector without the precision of the vector?

JPEG.TIF.AI, and so on, all kinds of file formats are all right. Vector graphics are better. Printing workers do not need to further divide colors into layers, so they can save much time.

2. what factory do you want to do on artificial cotton or cotton yarn?

There are active and digital ones. If you are using their own play, can play a few digital meters. The cost is not high, can save a lot of network costs, time is fast, the effect is good.

3. how do physical samples be made? Is there a special player to put a piece of paper on the scarf and trace it a little according to the pattern? Or can the sample be scanned to get the design of the document?

Most of the scans used, it's best to have a complete cycle pattern. After the scan, the sketch personnel are divided into color levels to determine how many sets of colors are made and how many sets of colors are opened.

4. what kind of printing technology used in artificial cotton or cotton yarn is better, it is not easy to fade, is the reactive dye?

Generally, there is a flat net, a round net, or a warp printing finish, and the digital, transfer and so on. With the activity of cotton or rayon

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