What Is A Digital Print?What Is Paper Printing?What Is Digital Direct Print?

- Aug 13, 2018-

What is a digital print?What is paper printing?What is digital direct print?

1. Disperse digital printing:

At present, more than 50% of China's printing ink is disperse dye ink, used in polyester fabric printing.Disperse dyes are a kind of non-ionic dyes which are very low in water solubility

2. Reactive digital printing:

Reactive dye ink accounted for about 29%, mainly used in silk and cotton fabric printing;Reactive dyes, also known as reactive dyes.A class of dyes that react chemically with fibers in dyeing.This kind of dye contains the gene that can react with the fiber chemically in the color separation, dyestuff reacts with the fiber when dyeing, between them form covalent bond, become whole, make the fastness to bear washing and rubbing is improved.The reactive fuel molecules include the parent dye and the reactive group, and the group that can react with the fiber is called the reactive group.At present mainly used in cotton, general linen, silk and other woven fabrics or knitted fabrics with higher composition.

3. Acid digital printing:

The proportion of acid dye ink is small, about 7%, used in wool, nylon and other fabric printing.Acid dyestuff is a kind of water-soluble dyestuff with acid group in structure.Most acid dyes contain sodium sulfonate, which can dissolve in water.It is mainly used for dyeing wool, silk and polyamide, and also for leather, paper and ink.It has no stain on cellulose fiber in general.

4. Pigment ink digital printing:

Pigment inks, also known as "paint inks", are used less than 2% in China. Most of them are foreign products, produced by companies such as hensmay, basf, dupont and klein.