What Is Digital Printing

- Jul 20, 2018-

      Digital printing is a new printing method that prints computer files directly on paper, which is different from the traditional printing process. Its characteristics: one print, no plate making, stand-by, instant error correction, variable printing, on-demand printing. 

     Digital printing is a comprehensive technology developed on the basis of printing technology. It uses electronic text as a carrier and transmits it to digital printing equipment through the network to achieve direct printing.

     No printing and variable information in the printing production process are the biggest features, covering printing, electronics, computers, networks, communications and other technical fields.

     Because digital printing does not require the complicated process of traditional offset printing, it only needs to be sent to the printing machine by the computer to produce the finished product. Therefore, in the urgent printing, variable printing and on-demand printing, it is unachievable in traditional printing.         The digital printing industry really caters to the rapid printing needs of the ever-changing commercial printing products, and the development speed is quite fast, and the development space is very large.