What Is Proviscose Fabric?

- Jan 11, 2019-

What Is Proviscose Fabric?

ProViscose fabric is a regenerated cellulose fabric with a silky texture; because the fiber structure of nano fibril can quickly absorb and diffuse excess water vapor, the fabric made of this fabric has excellent moisture permeability, flexibility and smoothness. Excellent dyeing properties give the product a soft and beautiful color, save dyes, chemicals and water, and get the best dyeing effect at the most economical cost. It is an ideal fabric.

Its main features are:

1. It has excellent hygroscopicity of viscose fiber, and overcomes the defects of ordinary viscose fiber, such as low strength, especially low wet strength. Its strength is almost similar to polyester, wet strength is higher than cotton fiber, and wet modulus is also high. Higher than cotton.

2, good washing dimensional stability, water washing shrinkage is small.

3, the fabric is beautiful and smooth, and the hand feels smooth and comfortable.

4, with a silky unique touch, elegant drape.

5, has good breathability and moisture permeability.