What Is Rayon Made Of

- Aug 23, 2019-

What is rayon made of

Rayon, a silky man-made fibre, consists of cellulose, an organic compound that makes up a major part of plants.Because it is a cellulose fiber, many of its properties are the same as those of other fibers such as cotton and flax.The fibers are toothed.

Rayon (rayon) of oil source and biological, rayon called recycled fibers derived from biological, renewable fiber preparation methods: by cellulose raw material to extract the pure alpha cellulose (called pulp), and treated with caustic soda, carbon disulfide, orange yellow sodium cellulose xanthate, dissolve in dilute sodium hydroxide solution, again become sticky spinning dope, called viscose.

The final USES of rayon are in clothing, interior decoration and industrial fields (e.g., blouses, underwear, jackets, hanging fabrics, pharmaceuticals, nonwovens, sanitary products, etc.).

The rayon silk luster is bright, feel a little rough hard, and have a damp and cold feeling, hold tightly with the hand after release, wrinkles more, there are still wrinkles after flattening, take out the cloth silk with the tongue end wet kneading, the rayon silk stretch easily pull, broken.The elasticity is different when wet and dry.Silk luster soft, feel soft, fine texture, kneading each other can give out a special sound, commonly known as "silk Ming" or "silk Ming", after holding tightly with the hand, wrinkles and not obvious, silk products dry and wet elastic consistent.Polyester yarns have strong reflective property, high stiffness, fast rebound, crisp, good wrinkle resistance, strong and strong, not easy to break.