What Is The Difference Between Pigment Printing And Digital Printing?

- Aug 22, 2018-

What Is The Difference Between Pigment Printing And Digital Printing?

 The most essential difference between pigment printing and digital printing of dyes is the different coloring principles.The principle of coloring of dye digital printing is chemical reaction, which is the combination of dye and fiber at the molecular level.The pigment printing of the coating is adhered to the surface of the fiber in the form of solid tiny particles by means of a synthetic resin capable of forming a strong film. The coloring principle is a physical reaction.

  In terms of economy, the production process of pigment printing of coatings is simple, and no steaming or washing steps are required. This not only saves the investment in fixed equipment such as steaming machines and washing machines, but also saves electricity, water and labor costs. Shorten the production time and delivery time, so as to better meet the supply requirements of the current terminal brand customers "small batch, multi-batch".In addition, compared with the active digital printing, since the paint printing has no steaming process, it avoids the risk of color change caused by improper temperature and humidity control during the steaming process, and can ensure maximum coloring. Quality, that is, the color after printing is the color of each end product, which greatly reduces the defective rate and improves the input-output ratio of printing and dyeing enterprises.

From the application range, it is difficult to dye the blended fabric because the digital printing must use a specific ink to chemically react with a specific material. In contrast, the pigmentprinting can adhere to any fabric, so it does not have this limitation. In addition, pigment printing can be applied to non-textiles such as wallpaper, PVC, nonwoven paper, and more new and composite materials.

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