What Is The Difference Between Rayon And Cotton?

- Dec 14, 2019-

The appearance of rayon is very similar to that of cotton cloth. The difference is mainly from the following points:

1. Finish: artificial cotton cloth, the surface of the cloth is smooth, there are few yarn defects, no impurities, fine and smooth; and the cotton surface can see the cotton shell, impurities, etc., the finish is not as good as artificial cotton.
2. Evenness of yarn count: The yarn count of artificial cotton cloth is even, and there are few yarn defects; while the yarn count of pure cotton cloth is not as even as that of rayon, especially for medium coarse cloth.
3. Feel: Regardless of the thickness of the artificial cotton, the feel is mostly soft, while the cotton feels slightly rough. 
4. Color: The luster and color of rayon are good. Compared with cotton, rayon is more bright and beautiful.
5. Wrinkle: artificial cotton cloth is easy to wrinkle. When you hold a cloth with your hands and spread it out, a lot of wrinkles appear and it is not easy to recover in time; although the cotton cloth has wrinkles, it is slightly lighter than artificial cotton.
6. Drape: The drape of artificial cotton is better, and the drape of cotton is not as good as rayon.
7. Strength: The strength of rayon is lower than cotton. Especially in humid environments, the fastness of rayon is poor. When drawn from the edge of the fabric, the rayon is more easily broken than cotton.
Therefore, the texture of artificial cotton is mostly thick, not as thin as pure cotton linen.