What Is The General Cushion Filling

- Oct 26, 2018-

What Is the General Cushion Filling

The pillow is composed of fabric, weighing material and filler. The fabric is the outermost layer. Generally, silk and polyester are better. The cotton cloth absorbs water and easily affects the color. The material is called to change the fabric feel. It is called the middle of the fabric and the core material. Generally, the non-woven fabric and the gauze cloth are used. 

If the sponge is the worst choice, the whole sponge looks fine and soft, but you can't cut the whole sponge into a pillow. The pillow filler is high-grade with cherry core, silkworm, vanilla, etc. (of course One of them is not all-purpose. If there is not much demand for medicinal value, use flax or silk cotton. These materials have good hand feeling and are not easy to absorb moisture.

The pillowcase fabric and the pillow core fabric are not the same. Generally, the better pillowcases will choose flannel fabrics, or the accessories cloth decorated with sequins. Generally, all cotton cloth or canvas, curtain fabrics, and some will choose Bamei satin, chameleon , cations, etc., the pillow core can be used with cotton or polyester cotton.

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