What Is The Manufacturing Process Of The Gravity Blanket?

- Oct 04, 2018-

What Is the Manufacturing Process of the Gravity Blanket?

The principle of gravity blanket is the principle of deep pressure stimulation. The process is also very simple. The inner filling material is silica (glass beads) and some fillers. It is non-toxic and tasteless. The outside is Dutch velvet. It is very soft and comfortable to cover.

The gravity blanket is made of high-density glass beads, which is non-toxic and tasteless. The safety level is food grade and durable. It can be directly put into the washing machine for cleaning.“重力毯”的图片搜索结果

Other designs are also very user-friendly, and the outer zipper can be easily removed to clean the integral internal filling. The exterior of the blanket is made of luxurious ultra-soft micro-fluff, which is easy to clean. The inner shell of the blanket is made of 100% cotton.

We have gradually improved our technology. We sew the gravity blanket into a medium-sized compartment to evenly distribute and fit perfectly into the body. The compartments are evenly filled with hypoallergenic, non-toxic, odorless, high quality glass beads. The updated process will solve the problem. When you roll over, the glass beads are very quiet, it is not as bumpy as other plastic particles aggravated blankets.

Gravity blankets make you feel calmer and more relaxed by applying gentle pressure on your body. Stress stimulates deep-contact receptors throughout the body to release serotonin and promote relaxation, such as warm hugs. They are perfect for people looking for natural and effective solutions to relieve stress and improve sleep habits. After a long day, they are also ideal for relaxing, enjoying a comfortable nap on the couch and even falling asleep faster.

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