What Kind Of Material Is Made Of Cashmere Scarf?

- Nov 19, 2018-

  Cashmere is a functional fabric made of 100% Acrylic (100% Acrylic). It feels like cashmere when it is done. It is called cashmere. Because the acrylic is processed and processed by special process, the acrylic fiber has the smooth, soft and elastic hand feeling of natural cashmere, and the wool with excellent dyeing performance of acrylic is called cashmere. 

This product is more colorful and richer than natural cashmere. However, the defects in actual wear can not get rid of the problem of static electricity from acrylic. What kind of fabric is cashmere-like: the unique function of cashmere-like acrylic fiber is bulkiness and softness. The bulkiness of the tops after steam setting is obviously better than that of steam heat setting. 

   The softness of the fabric is not achievable by any natural or animal fiber. However, its hygroscopicity is worse than that of natural fiber. If it can work in physical modification, change its inadequacies, make the market bigger, and the future is more promising. Imitation cashmere acrylic tops can be mass produced. The main reason is that there is an advantage over the real cashmere on the price. It can be made into a coat, a dress, a shawl and a scarf, and the cashmere is also warm