What Kind Of Polyester Taffeta? What Is It Used For?

- Jan 09, 2020-

Polyester taffeta is a woven fabric and a hot-selling variety of lining. The main hot-selling models are 190T, 210T, 230T, 260T, 290T, 300T and other models.
Polyester taffetas are woven with FDY light silk,
with bright and dazzling colors, bright colors, and the finished product width is 150CM.
Polyester taffeta has light texture, smooth feel, non-sticky, flexible, cheap and good quality, durable and easy to wash, not easy to wrinkle, shrinkage rate is less than 5%.
The monofilament has a uniform thickness, is not easy to tear, and has abrasion resistance.

Polyester taffeta materials are mainly made of 100% polyester fiber (polyester), using matting silk, which is rich in color and bright and colorful. It has entered the market.
With matting polyester silk, the fabric color is softer and beautiful.
Polyester Taffeta is specifically used in jackets, handbags, evening dresses, artificial flowers, pajamas, down jackets, car covers, underwear, sportswear, umbrellas, bags, sleeping bags, tents, shower curtains, tablecloths,
chair covers and various high-end clothing Lining is very versatile.