Which Fabric Is Best For Kids

- Feb 14, 2019-

Whenever a mom starts to make clothes it will not be for herself – it will always be first for her child. Finding the perfect fabric is one major hurdle she has to pass, especially as it is something that stays so close to her precious gem.


Voile is a semi sheer fabric which is almost gauze-like.This is very similar to cotton lawn, but thinner and more see through and somewhat crisp. But it is also free-flowing. It is a very suitable fabric to make little dresses.

Jersey knit fabric

Cotton jersey knit fabric is a favourite for baby and children’s clothes They are soft and breathable. Another advantage over woven clothes is that jersey knits are stretchy. Knit is very accommodative of constant body movements and growth spurts; you know how kids grow. Other favourite knit fabrics for making children’s clothing include interlock, double knit, cotton spandex. 

Bamboo rayon

Bamboo material is an ultra soft yet durable rayon fiber made from cellulose derived from bamboo plants. It is organically made and is supposed to have non-allergenic properties which make the eco-conscious parents choose this fabric over others. It’s great for sensitive skin and is thermal-regulating, meaning that it will adjust to a child’s body temperature and consequently the body is, less likely to become too hot