WHO: The Second Wave Or The Second Peak Of The New Crown Epidemic May Come

- May 26, 2020-

On May 25th, who novel coronavirus pneumonia conference was held. Michael Ryan, who is responsible for health emergency projects, said that there were no second waves of epidemic. Now, the epidemic is in the first wave. According to the data of central and South America, Africa and South Asia, the epidemic is on the rise, and the actual number of infected people in each country is still relatively low. When it comes to the second wave, it usually means that the level of the first wave (transmission) of the disease has dropped to a very low level, but it reappears several months later.

Michael Ryan also stressed that novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic could suddenly rise at any time and could not be assumed to continue to decline. There may be second peaks. European, North American and Southeast Asian countries should continue to adopt public health and social measures and monitoring measures to ensure that the epidemic continues to decline and there will not be second peaks immediately.

Maria van Khov, who technical director of the health emergency project, said countries should be on high alert and prepared to detect cases quickly, even in countries that have succeeded in containing the virus or declining outbreaks. Studies have shown that most people are still vulnerable, meaning that if given the chance, it can lead to an outbreak. Maria van cokhov stressed that one of the characteristics of coronavirus is that it can expand in some environments, leading to transmission or super transmission events, which has been seen in many closed environments, such as long-term care institutions and hospitals, but basic public health measures can inhibit the spread of the virus.