WHO Warns New Crown May Become Epidemic Virus

- May 14, 2020-

According to the latest WHO statistics, on the 13th, 81,577 new cases of new coronary pneumonia were added to the world. More than 4.17 million cases of new coronary pneumonia were diagnosed globally and 287,000 deaths.

On the 13th local time, the Ministry of Health of Lesotho announced the first case of new pneumonia in the country. This means that all 54 countries in Africa have reported cases of new coronary pneumonia.

WHO: New coronary pneumonia risk level remains high risk

Michael Ryan said at the press conference that the new crown pneumonia may become a long-term problem, it is difficult to predict when the virus can be overcome, the new crown virus may become an epidemic virus, and will never disappear. Michael Ryan expressed the hope that highly effective vaccines can be developed and distributed to everyone in the world.