​why Choose Digital Printing?

- Jul 14, 2018-

why choose digital printing?

Digital printing is the product of the new birth and development of the modern textile printing industry. It satisfies the needs of the individualized, diversified and small batches of the current textile market, which largely compensates for the shortcomings of traditional printing production, and also gives the textile industry The sales concept and business approach of the apparel industry have had a huge impact. With the wide application of modern digital technology in the screen printing industry, digital printing technology continues to develop and improve, digital printing represents the future development direction of the textile printing industry; digital printing production process, free from the traditional printing color separation The process of publishing, plate making, which greatly shortens the production cycle. The whole process only takes a few hours, and the traditional proofing cycle is generally about one week. Digital printing is easy to achieve, production volume is not limited, and the production process of small batch, multi-variety and rapid response is realized. The printed fabrics produced are of high quality and beautiful, with high precision, bright color, fine patterns and rich colors. Strong color fastness and no fading.