Wuhan Plans To Conduct Universal Nucleic Acid Detection And Screening

- May 15, 2020-

Wuhan plans to conduct universal nucleic acid detection and screening

On May 14th, Wuhan held a work deployment meeting on "Strengthening nucleic acid testing across the city to speed up screening of asymptomatic infected persons". In the next period of time, Wuhan will conduct an orderly nucleic acid test for citizens of the city to further find out the number of asymptomatic infected persons Effective management and control can reassure the people of the whole country and reassure the people of Wuhan.

On March 8, after Wuhan achieved zero new diagnosed cases, medical institutions have been expanding the scope of nucleic acid testing. Since this time, there have been positive testers every day, they are asymptomatic infections. Recently, there has been another cluster epidemic outbreak in Wuhan, which indicates that the early virus transmission in Wuhan has not been completely blocked. The measures taken by Wuhan City for the detection of nucleic acids by all employees are positive actions, and they are very intensive in social mobilization.

According to reports, Wuhan conducted a nucleic acid test for all staff at a cost of about 2 billion. If promoted nationwide, the cost is about 280 billion.

The nucleic acid testing carried out in the whole city of Wuhan was carried out in each residential area. The medical staff dispatched the community and the community staff cooperated. In communities where online personnel registration is not performed, registration and nucleic acid sampling are performed simultaneously. In order to avoid people gathering and waiting for too long, the large-scale community will notify the residents to carry out in batches and time, usually within two to three days. Taking into account the time schedule of employees, some communities will arrange nucleic acid sampling on weekends and evenings.

A staff member of the epidemic prevention headquarters in Qiaokou District of Wuhan City told reporters that in order to complete the nucleic acid screening, many medical staff and volunteers from Wuhan's major cities were sent to the community. The nursing staff of the Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine had been notified by the hospital on the afternoon of May 12, requiring each department to mobilize at least one nursing staff to participate. The hospital needs to temporarily complete 200,000 person-time new coronary pneumonia virus screening tasks. "Time is tight, tasks are heavy, and responsibilities are heavy."

The testing is carried out in districts and the cost is shared by the urban finance

This nucleic acid test will highlight the key points and organize the implementation in a scientific and orderly manner. The detection targets are the permanent residents and temporary residents who have not tested the new coronavirus nucleic acid in the city. Priority will be given to the residents in the previously infected areas, old areas and densely populated areas.

Nucleic acid testing is carried out in units of districts, and each district is responsible for organizing residents, employees of enterprises and institutions, and relevant personnel of store operators to conduct sampling and testing. Each district shall keep abreast of the completion of nucleic acid sampling coverage within the jurisdiction to ensure that it is not omitted or repeated.

The testing institutions in the city will deploy staff, strengthen business training, form sampling teams, go deep into the screening units to implement sampling, and take safety precautions to avoid cross infection. Our city will fully arrange the testing resources of all parties, optimize the testing methods, improve the testing capabilities, and provide support for this screening work.

Funding for screening is, in principle, shared by the municipal and district finances in a 1: 1 ratio. Wuhan City ’s New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters urges citizens to dispel concerns, actively cooperate with this screening, and be responsible to themselves and others.