Print On Muslin Fabric

Print On Muslin Fabric

Our Advantage: 1. Superior Print Quality 2. Faster Turnaround 3. Design Without Limits​4. Print on Virtually Any Fabric Type 5. Better for the Environment 6. Cost Effective
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Why Digital Fabric Printing?

Digital Fabric Printing is the future of fashion. Digital Fabric Printing provides Fashion Designers the tools they need to experiment and explore, while allowing them to create their collections faster and more efficiently than ever. With Digital Fabric Printing , Fashion Designers can get to work creating trends – instead of chasing them.

Our Advantage:

1.Superior Print Quality-Color print out vivid, almost no color fade

2.Faster Turnaround-can be in 1-3days

3.Design Without Limits- no color limited

4. Print on Virtually Any Fabric Type-fabric base including silk, cotton,linen,viscose,rayon,polyester,modal, bamboo etc..

5. Better for the Environment- the ink we use intertex certified

6. Cost Effective- accept small order no moq limited

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