Rayon Apparel Fabric

Rayon Apparel Fabric

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What Is Rayon? Here's What You Should Know

Rayon is one of the most versatile fabrics around, yet it remains somewhat of a mystery. That’s partly because of its remarkable ability to shape-shift—not just literally, but also in terms of imitating other fabrics. Rayon has been known to take on the properties of silk, cotton, wool, and others, and can be used in nearly any type of clothing. This can make it challenging to pin down exactly what it is, how to launder it, and what type of weather it’s best suited for. To help boost your familiarity with this ubiquitous fabric, keep reading to see everything you need to know about rayon.


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We can make the digital file with provided dress.

We have a Color Amending Team to adjust the best colours!


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