Free Weighted Blanket

Free Weighted Blanket

free weighted blanket Products Details: An Innovative Comforting Hug Density is a therapeutic, premium-grade weighted Sensory blanket that utilizes the power of Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation to mimic holding, hugging or squeezing to provide a calming effect. It gently distributes deep pressure...
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Product Details

free weighted blanket

Products Details:

Product name

New design weighted blanket anxiety ,weighted beach blanket

Fabric outside

100% Cotton/Hemp/Linen/Silk/Bamboo

Filling inside

Lead free glass pellet or PE/PP pellets


Solid / Printed / Quilted


Eco-Friendly, quick dry 




PE / PVC bag/ or custom



An Innovative Comforting Hug

Density is a  therapeutic, premium-grade weighted Sensory blanket that utilizes the power of Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation to mimic holding, hugging or squeezing to provide a calming effect. It gently distributes deep pressure across your body.

The result of being with Density is incredible : your cortisol level goes down and your bodyincrease the serotonin production. Your heart rate and blood pressure slowly goes down after you put the heavy blanket on top of you.

Like if you were in a cocoon, the weight and pressure helped 90% of the participants to provide near-instant comfort and relief.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Studies have shown weighted blankets significantly increase serotonin and melatonin levels. 

It Feels Fantastic

The dual comfort of ultra-soft microfiber and weighted feel makes Density the most comfortable blanket you've ever experienced. You feel hugged by your blanket. 

Fall Asleep Faster and Sleep Deeper

Like our users do, fall asleep 2x faster and enable deeper REM cycles by increasing relaxation as well as minimizing body movement.



Fabric Options For The Weighted Sensory Blanket


Chambray ,Satin ,Striped Cotton, Bamboo ,Tencel , Microfiber,  Minky fabric ,Flannel etc

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