Top Rated Weighted Blanket

Top Rated Weighted Blanket

Factory direct luxury plastic poly pellet gravity weighted blanket Weighted blankets are engineered to be 7-12% of your body weight to relax the nervous system by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged. This increases serotonin and melatonin levels and decreases cortisol levels—improving...
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          Top Rated Weighted Blanket

Tell me the size, the weight of weight blanket, I will give you a best price!

Dogs and Kids Benefit from Compression Therapy - Why Can't You?

Ever hear of those weighted vests for anxious pups? Or the ones for little tikes? Isn't it about time somebody made something that awesome for you?


The Quilted Cover is Impossibly Soft

Go ahead, rub Blanket against your cheeks. It feels like hugging a baby bunny!


Matches any Color Scheme

The neutral gray and taupe colors are designed to match any decor. 


Easy to Wash

The removable, quilted cover zips off and can be tossed right in the washing machine. It's dryer safe too - which is a big plus on laundry day!

Sleep Better

Stress Less

Be Happy!


weighted blanket poly beads

weighted blanket poly beads

weighted blanket poly beads

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